2 1 3 SRV"Exploration de Mars" Conference in Vichy
Mars Society Switzerland
"Destination Mars" Conference in Winterthur
4On November 29th 2012, Dr. Pierre-André Haldi, Engineer Physicist at the EPFL and Vice President of the Mars Society switzerland, made a presentation to the Circles of Sciences of the Independent University of Vichy (France). Over one hour, this was an opportunity to present the interest of Mars as an object of exploration and our motivations and reasons for hope that it be carried forward.
On November 2nd, at the Winterthur Technirama, Dr. Hansjürg Geiger, evolution biologist and member of the Expert Committee of the Mars Society Switzerland,gave a presentation on our motivations and our project. This presentation was made in the context of the "Spaces Days" of the Swiss Association for Astronautics and upon invitation of its president. Dr. Geiger resolutely affirmed our goal: Mars exploration. He explained why it was a priority of mankind and why manned missions are needed and feasible.
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