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"La Planète Mars, presqu'une autre Terre"
Theme of the conference: Mars and the Earth are located in the same area of the solar system, are made ​​of the same elements and roughly receive the same solar radiations. At the beginning, they shared a common geological history. However, the masses of the two planets are very different and this caused discrepancies. Negligible at first, they asserted themselves with time. The result was on the one hand an imprint of liquid water that exists nowhere else in the Solar system but on Earth and, on the other hand an area of ​​very old rocks of the earliest time that almost disappeared from Earth surface on account of plate tectonics and erosion. Mars is therefore the book that gives us access to our earliest history. We must persevere in his study to better understand our own world. NB: The conference was about Planetology and Physical Geography, not Astronautics. However, the equipment onboard Curiosity were described and the prospect of sending the MAVEN mission in 2013 was discussed.
Conference in Neuchâtel. This conference was the opportunity to expose what we presently understand about the formation of Mars and was based on the most recent findings of Curiosity regarding the planet's Geology and its Atmosphere. The Mars Society Switzerland was invited by Dr. Stefan Bucher who is in charge of the new Geology room at the Museum of Natural History of Neuchâtel ("MHNN"). The conference took place on the 12th of December in the Museum and lasted more than one hour. It was followed by sustained exchanges between participants and the Presentor, Pierre Brisson.
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