Perchlorates everywhere! Why we must go to Mars Must Read / Video Links / Contact Exploration Inhabited Flight Events Water Life Phoenix is dead but its mission has been fulfilled "InSight", a new NASA Discovery mission, slated for 2016 Flying over Candor Chasma NASA eventually made its choice for the landing site of Mars Science Laboratory: it's Gale Crater Geography of Curiosity Landing Site Discover Gale Crater driving Discovery Oceanus Borealis? Six month after Curiosity landed, what did we learn? Changes in the atmospheric pressure of Mars. MRO found carbonates! Join Us ! Carbonates and clays of Nili Fossae compared to the archean rocks of Warrawoona (WA) associated with stromatolites fossiles. Evidence of carbonates in the deep crust of Mars Northern hemisphere. La sonde Phoenix a permis de comprendre le cycle climatique de l’eau dans la zone arctique de Mars. Evidence for pervasive mud volcanism in Acidalia Planitia Statement of Mars Society President Robert Zubrin on the LCROSS Results Action of perchlorates upon organics (as per PHOENIX observations) An archaea which breathes on perchlorates New Study gives new credibility to Ancient Life Signs in Martian meteorite ALH84001 EMC11 debriefing "Mars vue de Neuchâtel", 03/12/09; Presentation Film "The Marsdreamers" (R. Dindo) February 2010 "Objectif Mars", Micro10, Neuchâtel, 2010/10/02; "Mars Session" at the 8SGM, Fribourg, 2010/10/11 "Mars Next or Bust?", EPFL, 2011/05/20; "Mars Workshop at EPFL" 2011/03/13; EMC11, 2011/09/30 till 10/02 "Searching for Life on Mars", Bern 2012/09/10; EMC12, 12 Germany 2012/10/14; "Living on Mars" EPFL (ENAC) 12/03/12 & 13/02/26 "Destination Mars", Winterthur 2012/11/02; "Exploration de Mars" Vichy 2012/11/29 "La Planète Mars, presqu'une autre Terre". Conférence at MHNN 2012/12/12 "Dernières nouvelles de Mars, via Curiosity". Conference at "Club 44", 2013/03/26 EMC12 debriefing Feasibility of inhabited flights to Mars The cancellation of NASA’s Constellation program was a pre-advised disaster. Petite note sur les perspectives concrètes du système de propulsion VASIMR. NASA Needs a Destination President Obama straightens his space exploration policy but fails to meet expectation. The Senate Science & Transportation Committee wants to start developping the HLV right now! The US House of Representatives supports the request from the Senate to develop the HLV right now! The flight of Elon Musk's Falcon 9 around the Earth, opens up a new era in Space exploration. The decision of Elon Musk to build a new heavy launcher, "Falcon Heavy", opens new prospects for the exploration of Mars. Point sur le recyclage des déchets à l'occasion de l'inauguration en Espagne du nouveau laboratoire MELiSSA The Use of Spacex Hardware to Accomplish Near-Term Human Mars Mission Private enterprise as an alternative way of funding Space exploration The Martian Dust as "seen" by "FAMARS", the Atomic Force Microscope aboard PHOENIX NASA MRO Spacecraft Penetrates Mysteries of Northern Ice Cap Spirit did find carbonates! NASA data shed new light about water and volcanoes on Mars Methane: The Red Planet is Not a Dead Planet Account of the Mars Session of the 8th Swiss Geoscience Meeting Abundant frozen CO2 discovered by MRO (NASA) at the South Pole Opportunity is now seeing some details of its final destination: the edge of the Endeavour crater. Layers Piled in Gale Crater Record a History of Changes New Clues Suggest Wet Era on Early Mars was Global: Hydrated Minerals Exposed at Stokes, Northern Mars Il y a de la glace d’eau pure à quelques décimètres de la surface, aux latitudes moyennes de Mars. Geology & AtmosphereIndex
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