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Our first conference in Switzerland, which took place on December 3rd 2009 at the University of Neuchatel with the support of Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise, EPFL and University of Neuchâtel, showed a strong interest in Switzerland for the exploration of Mars. Building on this success, we decided to gather the people who, in Switzerland, share the ideas and motivations of the Mars Society and we created this association as a member of the Mars Society worlwide family. The purpose of our action, around a core of Swiss specialist of Mars exploration, is to inform those people who are interested in the subject, to help them communicate and to motivate them to promote our project upon public or private deciders. We use this internet website as well as our Facebook page, and direct mailing to members, to coordinate this action. Mars exploration has a strong attractive and federative effect upon a variety of industries and fields of research, especially considering the prospect of manned flights. Its scope extends from astronautics to waste recycling, and through geology, exobiology, architecture, medicine and so on. Throughout this spectrum, it is focused on microtechnologies and robotics in which Swiss people excel. Throughout the world, people are working on the project, developing and applying the most advanced ideas and technologies in their own fields. It is tremendously rich in potential wealth creation for the decades to come. It is a world of passion and excitement into which we invite you to enter. We made the first step. Come and join us! E-mail us your membership request through the button up here ("@ Mars Society Switzerland ») and specify: - Your name and first name; - the e-mail adress at which you would like to be joined; - your age; - your professional activity; - your postal address; - your motivation in joining the Mars Society Switzerland (optional); - whether you already belong to the Mars Society or any one of its branches. Before the information above, please do not forget: 1) to express your will to join the Mars Society Switzerland; 2) to declare that you have read and that you accept its articles of association; 3) to precise what kind of membership you are applying for: Membership A : If you are 25 years old, or more, and member in good standing of the Mars Society or of one of its branches, annual fees are 20 CHF (twenty francs). Membership B : If you are more than 25 and not member of any branch of the Mars Society, annual fees are 30 CHF (thirty francs). Membership C : If you are more than 25 and simultaneously wish to become member of the French branch of the Mars Society, annual fees are 50 CHF (fifty francs). Membership D : If you are either less than 25 years old or a student in good standing, annual fees are 25 CHF (twenty five francs). Membership E : If you want to become a benefactor, annual fees are 80 CHF (eighty francs). If you wish so, you can become without any extra dues, member of the French branch of the Mars Society. Membership F : If you stand for an association or a corporation, annual fees are 150 CHF (one hundred and fifty francs). If you want to receive a BVR, tell us. Otherwise you can pay our bank directly: Bank Account: BCN-Net 1010.00.00.5 Bank of the Association: Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise , Place Pury à Neuchâtel. IBAN of the Association: CH0900766000101000005 BIC/SWIFT of the Bank: BCNNCH22