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Mars Society Switzerland
Conference in Muri (Aargau) November 4th 2015, 6 pm Volkshochschule Admission free
Mars is the main objective of the US planetary exploration policy. Priority is given to robotic exploration over manned exploration even though many people around the World favor the second option. The Mars Society is an advocacy society promoting this manned exploration and it has arguments to say that it would be feasible with existing technologies and within a very short span of time. Going physically to Mars would open a new chapter of Man’s adventure as settling this new frontier would be a statement to continue the spatial expansion that our ancestors started when they decided to wander outside of Africa to Asia and Europa and, much later, to Australia or America. But going to Mars would not only satisfy our desire to realize something difficult, it would also be a way to enhance Knowledge about ourselves since Mars is in many respect a sister to the Earth. Studying Mars should give us new understanding about the evolution from inert matter towards Life since it had all the ingredients to allow such evolution but possibly could not achieve it on account of its much smaller mass. Contrary to the Earth, it has preserved millions of square km of rocks dating from before the time Life appeared on our planet and this represent an entirely new book about our lost History. This conference has been the opportunity to get to the point of what is going on and what can be expected in terms of scientific research and engineering possibilities. Crédit image NASA / ESA ("Hubble Héritage"). Photo prise par le télescope Hubble lors de l'opposition de Mars de Juin 2001
7Several other conferences have been given since the one mention herebelow. The website will be updated when possible