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Conference (in French) to Neuchatel Université du 3ème âge October 18th 2016
Mars Society Switzerland
Mars has become the objective of many robotic missions and we have to hope that, tomorrow, it become that of inhabited missions. It is indeed the most easily accessible planet today where we could learn the most about ourselves, for its geological history was very similar to that of the Earth during some hundred million years, period during which, at home, the process of Life did begin. Besides it is the celestial body on which it would be the less difficult for Men to live, set up a colony, thus opening a new chapter of the adventure that started somewhere in Kenya a few million years ago. We get launchers for that and enough capacities to mmaster an environment hostile but adaptable. The cost would be acceptable but the will is still lacking.
In the frame of EMC16 presentation by Pierre Brisson October 14th till 16th 2016
Mars is indeed the best place to look for another example of Life in the Solar system. The conditions have been the less unfavourable for the process to start. Now we don't know how far this process went. But even if we don't find Life on Mars, finding some traces or hints of evolution of organic molecules towards Life (more than in Deep Space) would already be a fascinating and very instructive result.