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their passion and the limited attention that politicians reluctantly grant them, or the very limited hope they have that their project will be implemented during their lifetime. These Marsdreamers are the salt of the Earth, the memory of which will be cherished by the future inhabitants of Mars for they will have been the first ones to nurture the dream which will have become the essence of their life.
The premiere of « The Marsdreamers », a documentary by Swiss movie director Richard Dindo (member honoris causa of our society), took place in Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne at the beginning of February. In Zurich (at the Arthouse "Le Paris") it was presented by Richard Dindo, the Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier and the American astronaut George Mitchell. This movie is a "must to see", for all the « Marsdreamers ». Richard Dindo interviewed the American ones on their motivations for Mars and on their dream to go there someday. The variety of people picked for the sample does show that Mars is a beacon for all kind of characters. They are sensitive people inspired by a true passion. They express it in a more or less sophisticated way according to their background and their level of education . Their statements are often very moving when one considers the gap between
2 3 4Our first conference took place on December 3rd 2009 in the University of Neuchâtel, with the support of Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise , EPFL and UniNE . It included the folllowing presentations: 1) Why we must go to Mars by Pierre Brisson . 2) Feasibility of manned flights to Mars by Richard Heidmann . Richard Heidmann is a founding member of the Mars Society and the President of Association Planète Mars (French Branch of the Mars Society). Engineer in space propulsion (French National School of Aeronautics and Space), he graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Paris. Formerly director (retired in 2002) at SNECMA, in charge of strategic orientations for research and technology, he participated actively in the conception and realization of the Ariane V engines. Since 2002 Richard Heidmann has been active in numerous working groups dedicated to propulsion in Space, set up by institutions such as AAAF (Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France), CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales), ESA (Agence Spatiale Européenne), ESPI (European Space Policy Institute), ISU (International Space University), CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies)… 3) FAMARS, the Atomic Force Microscope embarked on Phoenix and its first results . By Dr Sebastian Gautsch . Sebastian Gautsch is a scientist of SAMLAB (Sensors and Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory) which is part of EPFL (IMT-NE) and working under the direction of Professor Nico de Rooij. Since Autumn 2007, he is the leader of the Nanotools team. His thesis, published in 2001, led to the successful creation and operation of an AFM microscope compatible with Martian exploration. Chosen for NASA 2007 Phoenix mission, this instrument sent back to Earth spectacular measurements of Martian fines, with resolution lower than 10nm. Media interest for this event has been high and still on line on specialized channels. The last one: in "Histoire des savoirs"; was transmitted on TSR and on TV5 on Oct 14th 2009.
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