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Mars Society Switzerland
The Mars Society Switzerland is on Facebook. You can visit our page by clicking on the above button.
Association Planète Mars is the French Branch of the Mars Society. It was founded in 1999 by Richard Heidmann, a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and former director at SNECMA in charge of Prospective Research and Developments.
The Mars Society is an American advocacy society founded in 1998 by Dr Robert Zubrin, then chief engineer for Martin Marietta (which later became Lockheed Martin), the company which conceived and built the Saturn V rockets which made the exploration of the Moon possible. Robert Zubrin worked at the end of the Apollo period on the Mars project which was then considered the next step of Space Exploration. Unfortunately, politics preferred to build the International Space Station. Robert Zubrin, convinced of the feasibility of his project, went on and, in the environment of the “Mars Underground”, put into a book his “Mars Direct” plan. This plan became the basis of NASA’s “Constellation” exploration vision after the second President Bush decided, in 2004, to redirect US Space exploration towards "Moon, Mars and Beyond". The architecture of this vision was embodied in the first Design Reference Mission (“DRM1”). Its basis is ISRU (for In Situ Resources Utilisation”), the “local resources” being mostly the Martian atmosphere. Its merit would be to considerably shrink the mass to be extracted from Earth gravity pit, to realize a mission to Mars. This would allow using chemical motors for rockets, of the kind we already know how to build, while minimizing the necessary spendings to some 50 billion dollars for a whole exploration cycle.
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Other Mars Society Branches: Apart from the websites of The Mars Society (USA) and Association Planète Mars (France) which are for us very privileged partners, we recommend you visit the website of the Mars Society branches established in neighboring countries, Germany and Italy. If they master the language, they will find there useful information complementing ours or putting them under a different light, which may prove interesting and useful.
Mars Societies in Europe The European associations which are members of the Mars Society "family" have decided to create a common gateway to their own specific site: www.marssociety-europa.eu This gateway will allow you to get informed, in English, of whatever important is hapening within these associate members. You can afterwards go and visit their domestic sites for further details. Do not fail to put this address within your favorites. To access, click on the logo hereunder (flags of the members' countries).
Microsoft and NASA joined together to produce a wonderful software to explore Mars virtually on the basis of all the data gathered by the various orbiters and landers of the space agency. Click on the link above, download and enjoy spectacular views and videos of Mars!
The "S3 initiative" (the three "S" standing for "Space", "Sciences" et "Society") is defined by its founder and president, Daria Lopez-Alegria, as: "A learning and exchange platform bridging Science and Society". You will find on this platform and on its blog the most up to date news about Space exploration, with the most useful comments.
Swiss Space MuseumThe Swiss Space Museum is for us the place to be to explain our motivations and reach the Swiss public in order to convince it that the time has come for a more aggressive Mars exploration policy. Of course , Mars is just a point of interest among others for the people visiting the Swiss Space Museum but it is up to us to convince them that Mars exploration should be a priority because this is what should bring us the most benefits, both in terms of knowledge and in terms of mankind's capacity to settle outside of Earth.