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The US House of Representatives supports the request from the Senate to develop the HLV right now!
Image of ARES V, The HLV which was drafted within the now defunct Constellation Program. It is not known whether the new HLV requested by the Senate Committee would look like it but, if its development starts now, it could only be structured with a chemical propulsion engine and therefore belong to the same family of launchers. Crédit NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Heavy Launcher; where do we stand (Oct.8th 2010)? On Sept 29th, the US House of Representatives accepted the Senate USD 58 billion blueprint for NASA. It is now expected that President Obama will sign it. It covers expenditures through 2013. It provides for the development of a new deep space capsule (as planned in the defunct “Constellation” program) and the initial development of a new heavy lift rocket (which President Obama wished to postpone until 2016). People favoring pursuing the service to the ISS are disappointed (the shuttle program is only funded through the end of the next -2011- budget year). This is very good news for the supporters of inhabited flights for the exploration of Mars, as both the capsule and the heavy launcher are essential for deep space exploration. But mind you, “appropriation” is not “authorization”. The principle and the amounts of the envelope have been voted but not yet the authorization for the year to year spending. Now that the 2009/2010 session of Congress just adjourned (on Sept. 30th) the authorization will have to wait until the new session (after the November elections) and NASA will have to start the fiscal year 2010/2011 (from 1st October), functioning on the basis of the former budget. Odds that the authorization goes back to the previous proposal of President Obama, look slim. Pierre Brisson
Feasibility of inhabited flights to Mars
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