Mars Society Switzerland
Participation to the Gagarine's Day organized by the EPFL Space Center
On May 20th, 2011 , the Space Center of the EPFL, together with the Mars Society Switzerland, organized to its 5th Space Research Day. The topic of this Space Day was " 50 years of human presence in Space: Mars Next? " and its purpose was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Youri Gagarin's first flight. The conference was followed by a discussion on the need of manned flights to Mars. Program 2:00 PM Welcome of guests by Professor D. Psaltis, Dean of the STI Faculty; 2:10 PM Dr Anton Ivanov (Space Center): Introduction to topic, setting up discussion; 2:20 PM M. Gluhov, General Consul of the Federation of Russia: Russia and Space. 2:35 PM Professor Claude Nicolier: History of human space flight. 3:05 PM Movie: "First in Space", Roskosmos; 3:25 PM Pierre Brisson, President of the Mars Society Switzerland: Mars Society and human visit to Mars; 3:45 PM Dr Oliver Botta, Swiss Space Office: Swiss Contributions to Space Exploration; 4:05 PM Break 10m questions ; 4:15 PM Professor Suren Erkman (Lausanne University): Recycling for Earth future and Space exploration; 4:35 PM Professor Mayorova (Bauman Moscow State University): Russian Human Space Flights; 4:55 PM Break 15m 5:10 PM General discussion: "Why send a human to Mars?" 6:10 PM End of discussion & Cocktail.
CM EGOn March 13th, at the EPFL, we hold our Mars Society Switzerland annual general meeting. Afterwards, invited by the EPFL Space Center, we had a session of four conferences and a general discussion: Pierre Brisson, President of the Mars Society Switzerland: "Mars Exploration,where do we stand; What to expect". See abstract: Dr Carlos Maidana (CERN from 2010 till 2012, PhD in Physics, Idaho State University: "Nuclear Technologies for Space exploration: an overview of nuclear thermal propulsion, radioisotope power generators and fission surface power", See abstract: Enrique Guzman, PhD student, Laboratory of Applied Mechanics & Reliability Analysis, EPFL: "Use of ultralight polymer-based composite structures in future space exploration", See abstract: Dr Hansjürg Geiger, evolution biologist (grad. from Uni Bern): "Destination Gale - MSL on the way to detect alien life?" See abstract: Dr Anton Ivanov, EPFL Space Center: "Subsurface exploration of Mars using long wavelength radars".
HjG PB 1 2 4From September 30th till October 2nd 2011, The Mars Society Switzerland hosted, in Neuchâtel, the 11th European Mars Convention ("EMC11"). This was the opportunity to attend to 24 presentations made by specialists in the various fields involved in Mars exploration, and to two debates with the media about the most crucial questions raised by this enterprise. To get info about this event click on the above image.
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